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    Hello adventurers!

    Here we have our new and exciting Spring festival event just come out. Let's check them out!!!

    1. Spring Festival Sign-in (1/24-2/6 HK Time)
    Login and Sign in everyday to get reward, sign in accumulated 14 days can get Auspicious Beast Fragment *1500 and special achievement. If failed to sign in can make up for the missed sign-in days.

    2. Expel Nian (1/24-2/4 HK Time)
    Fight against Nian with Firecrackers, you will get a Chest when Nian's HP reduces to a certain value, open the Chest to receive Auspicious Beast Fragments and Eye of Heimdall;

    3. Ways to get Firecrackers
    Spring Festival Sign-in, Daily Must-do 60 marks, 80marks and 100 marks reward (1/24-2/2 HK Time)
    Buy in Shop (1/24-2/4 HK Time)

    4. Help Friends (1/24-2/2 HK Time)
    Enter friend's Main City, click Nian to help your friend. You can help 1 friend only 3 times per day, 1 Player can only be helped 12 times per day, can get 100 Intimacy points/help, after helping friends certain times, you will get festival achievements and Insignia.

    5. Lucky Lottery (1/24-2/4 HK Time)
    Join Lucky Lottery with Firecrackers to get Eye of Heimdall, Auspicious Beast Fragments, Dark Bone Dragon Fragments, etc as rewards;

    6. New Hero Redeem - Heimdall (1/24-2/4 HK Time)

    Collect 4000 Eye of Heimdall within event time to redeem new Hero-Heimdall;

    7. Eye of Heimdall Redeem (1/24-2/4 HK Time)
    Remaining Eye of Heimdall can be used for redeeming on Event Reward - Eye of Heimdall Redeem panel.