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    Welcome new players

    Now choose a role, then follow the newbie instructions to play. Just as shown in the picture below, click the icon in the top right corner and you will be guided to the Merlin who will assign some task s for you.


    Continue to do the tasks; you will meet a friendly partner-Smith Osin


    The forging house will be unlocked once Osin is saved. There are many functions of it, for more information, please wait for the subsequent chapters. Now, we will only know about the basic strengthen function. (Tips: there are chances for lucky strike which can let your equipment be upgraded for two levels or more at one time)


    If you are not VIP 2 or above, there is cool time for you to wait when you strengthen each level. But you can only continue to upgrade the level unless the cool time shows more than half an hour.


    Then, following the instructions, you save our partner Alena in the wolf tribe. She is a very powerful archer, whose skill is to attack three opponents in the back row. Now she is free, but how to recruit her?



    You can go to the tavern to recruit her, whose landlady is Shelly.


    Just spend 1000 Heroic Medals to recruit her; she will be your partner! You can see the icon in the bottom right corner.


    There appears a new icon. Click it will show the formation


    Now, you can click the image of Alena, put her on the circle and click OK, she will fight with us. Then, another function called Talent will be unlocked.

    You can clear normal instances to get more materials named courage. This function is to consume these materials to upgrade the skills. But do remember these skills are for every role in the group. So, each skill is necessary to enhance the overall power.

    It is time to find our powerful partner-dwarf Osin after upgrading Talent. He has a very awesome skill, once he spells his skill, he will be protected from some damages which is calculated according to his level of skill, so powerful, yes?

    He is also recruited from the tavern.